Adult Sabbath School

Sabbath School - Calling all adults!

Sabbath School at Triadelphia Church is a time of singing, learning, participating, and fellowship. It has its roots way back in the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist movement of the 1800s. It was intended to assist especially the young people of the church to learn more about their beliefs. At first they met in small groups in their homes. They would have 20 questions and the group together would come up with the answers. A man named G. H. Bell first organized a Sabbath School. There were three rules: You had to officially join, you had to study seven times during the week, and you had to recite whatever memory verses had been assigned.

Well, the rules have changed a bit through the years, but the emphasis on the study of God’s Word has not changed. Today Sabbath School across our continent has four main goals: 1) COMMUNITY OUTREACH, 2) FELLOWSHIP, 3) MISSION, and 4) BIBLE STUDY. Triadelphia’s Sabbath School leaders reach towards accomplishing all four of these goals during the hour, 9:15 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Saturday mornings. 

COMMUNITY OUTREACH happens in both the program period and lesson time. We often share what people are doing in their own community. We might present a person who is working with the local Rotary Club, or the case of a person close by who is needing help, or a program we will be doing in the area. During the Study time, Care Coordinators keep track of special projects that their classes are working on.

FELLOWSHIP is emphasized when the program focuses on our members, getting to know each other, or working in small groups to discuss various subjects such as the importance of grandparents.

MISSIONS is emphasized when we show or tell about people who are taking the Good News of Jesus to other parts of the world. We often do a video mission emphasis by showing “Mission Spotlight,” and sometimes we have a person who has been to other lands tell us about their work.

BIBLE STUDY is strongly emphasized, as it should be. During the Sabbath School hour at least half of the time is devoted to small group classes, where members “study Biblical absolutes in a culture where there are no absolutes,” using the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, published for distribution to Adventist congregations throughout the world. Sharing our concerns in prayer and studying various Bible topics together enriches our personal relationship with Jesus. 

Sabbath School is discipleship—and so much more. It is a rich spiritual environment for meeting the spiritual needs of members and guests.