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Sparks Receive First Place in the First Round!!!

On Sabbath, January 25, our Triadelphia Pathfinder team, the Sparks, received a first place at the area-level Pathfinder Bible Experience program.  Ten teams from various local churches met here at the Triadelphia Church in the afternoon, and our team was one of three to receive first place. They move on to the conference level, meeting at Ellicott City Church on Sabbath, February 8. 


This year’s program has more Bible books and material to cover than any previous year in the history of PBE: Ezra, Nehemiah, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, and Micah! 


Congratulations to:

Marshall (team captain), Stephany, Kaitlyn, C.J., Victoria, and Theron.

We are proud of you. 

And we are praying for you as you study hard! 

And THANK YOU to Ted Ashton, Sharon Crews, and their helpers 

who prepared, coached, and did the background work for our team.

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