Children's Ministry

Triadelphia Children – Our Treasure
All people are important to God, so what's so special about children? Jesus tells us the answer to that question: “Suffer the children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” What?! Just children in heaven? No...but people who trust God, obey His will, and express His joy in their hearts are God's special people.
At Triadelphia we take special care to reach children with a knowledge of God's love. We provide Sabbath School classes for children of all ages. The teachers in these classes aim directly at the interests and capabilities of the children in the particular groups.
Beginners (ages infant-4 years) has lots of action, songs, visual aids, and interaction between teachers and small children. Parents are encouraged to attend and interact in this class. Beginners class has grown with several new babies being born this past year. In July, the Beginners class will begin learning more about Jesus through the “Down on the Farm” program.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6 years) includes plenty of chances to learn of God's love through interaction and singing, praying, and talking with the teacher. Children in this age group usually don't need their parents with them, but enjoy telling them what they learned.
Primary (ages 7-10 years) is a special place for them to begin to study on their own, to think, comment, and reason as they begin to read and understand more of God's grace. They have a special room with space for doing hands-on crafts as well as study time.
Junior (ages 11-12 years) begins to get serious about personal beliefs and response to a loving Savior. Students can study and probe in an atmosphere of acceptance, joy, and discovery.
Teens (ages 13-15 years) continue to discover what they believe and why they do what they do. The special materials for this group are age-appropriate and attractive, while the group interaction gives insights into God's love for us.
Youth (ages 16-young adult) meet together in study and prayer on Sabbath mornings in the Eagles' Nest. They also get together on Saturday evenings for inspiration/social/outreach events. This is an active group who want to serve God and man.