Personal Ministries

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Personal Ministry


Come to Triadelphia and

discover and develop your spiritual gifts

so you can Share Jesus, one on one!


Opportunities include:

     assisting and greeting in the parking lot or at the door,

          sharing musical talents,

               technical skills,

                    maintenance skills,

                         cooking and serving luncheons after worship,

                              working with children and youth,

                                    teaching Bible classes,

                                         visiting the homebound,

and preparing “care packages” for college and high school students away from home.

Many Triadelphia members enjoy

     door-to-door Christmas caroling in the community,

          participating in the July 4th Clarksville Parade,

               helping with prison ministries,

                    teaching vegetarian cooking classes, 

                         providing health improvement programs,

and helping at our Howard County Fair church booth.


Our hearts and hands are open to serve.