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thru May 31, 2020


  • May 2020 - No progress possible since last month as Howard County Offices remain closed due to COVID-19.

  • Apr 2020 - Drawings have progressed to the point of submission to Howard County to begin the permit process. However, Howard County offices are closed. Reopening the county offices will determine the timeline on next steps.

  • Mar 2020 - PBA continues to develop the 2nd iteration of drawings. Work continues remotely with some delays due to COVID-19 adjustments.

  • Feb 2020 - Drawings were received from PBA in mid February. The BC has provided feedback, including input from our church members, and the 2nd iteration of drawings are due from PBA about the end of March.

  • Jan 2020 - PBA is working on the first iteration of drawings which are expected in February. The Building Committee (BC) is in regular contact with PBA to answer their questions and ensure all Triadelphia questions and ideas are being addressed.

  • Dec 2019 - Penza-Bailey Architects (PBA) and Triadelphia leaders met with Howard County building officials in mid December. The meeting was important to enable PBA to include recent code changes in their proposed drawings.

  • Oct 2019 - The Chesapeake Conference Association president, Rick Remmers, signed the Owner-Architect agreement on October 21 which enabled PBA to begin developing the first iteration of drawings.

THANK YOU for your prayers, gifts and pledges of support!

Every dollar given is a dollar not borrowed, and it saves 55% more in interest. For example, a gift of $1,000 saves $1,550!

HopeRising Funds

$ 426,709
Pledged thru 2021
$ 81,831
$ 508,540





By God's grace, HopeRising will enable the Triadelphia church to grow His Kingdom in the surrounding community.

HopeRising includes:

  • Contemporary Energy- and Cost-Efficient Sanctuary Windows
  • Improved Sanctuary Roofing
  • Upgraded Sanctuary Heating and A/C System
  • Added Upper-Level Restrooms
  • Improved Accessibility with New Elevator
  • Extra Community Outreach Space
  • Additional Children's Sabbath School Classrooms
  • Supplementary Storage for Each Church Ministry
  • Expanded Visitor-Friendly Lobby
  • Renovated Water Drainage System

or send a check payable to:

Tridelphia SDA Church
ATTN: HopeRising
PO Box 440
Highland, MD 20777


Contact us at HopeRising@triadelphiachurch.org